My happiest memories since childhood are related to spending time on a beach. As it is often said that the experiences which form us are reflected in our work that probably explains my preference for heading to beaches for my photography. Having lived in Cornwall for the last twenty years that is far from a hardship!
On a wide open beach, with an outgoing tide, I love to capture the feelings of peace and calm to be found whatever the weather and however ferocious or calm the sea. The far distant horizon, the movement of the water and how the sea, sky and land intersect all fascinate me and encourage me to try to capture the emotion I feel just being there at that moment in time.
I have also been fortunate to travel to some amazing places outside Cornwall and I am happy to share a selection of these on this site too.
I hope you enjoy this selection of my photographs. Please do get in touch with any queries via the Contact page. 
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